Mühlbacher Hotel-EDV
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Mühlbacher Hotel-EDV is first and foremost as Austrian IT service.

We do support and maintenance for our products, install them on the spot and train our customers in dealing with our products
Discretion in handling your data is a matter of course at any time.

The emergence

The company Mühlbacher Hotel-EDV was founded in 2005 by Mr Franz Mühlbacher. He was previously a few years at one of the largest software provider in Austria, hotel deals, and now directs the affairs and fortunes of this company. He can rely specifically on a multi-year experience in dealing with hotel software and POS systems in the areas of training, support, installation and maintenance.

The way we work

No customer is the same!
Therefore, we have a very high flexibility and maximum stability of specialized hardware and software. By working closely with the companies X Software Solutions, Linecker, GHI-Malleier, etc. incurred perfectly matched hardware and software for our customers. The feedback from our customers is very important to us. Only in this way we can improve our products and constantly adjust for special needs and best practice-oriented, highly satisfied customers which in turn brings with it. We can advise you when purchasing new hardware so that you can use existing software products will work for your purposes. Upon request we also offer the hardware with our software products with the same. The distribution of products is partly based partners, so that we can concentrate on the best care and maintenance of our customers.